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Going Dairy Free

A little recap on what's inside...

  • Video tutorials helping you gain literacy and motivation on dairy free eating. 
  • A complete list of foods containing dairy (including those you would never suspect!). 
  • Simple swaps to help you ease into this new way of eating so you’re ready and prepared when faced with a decision or social event. 
  • Information on why dairy might not suit everyone as well as how modern processing techniques and treatment of animals are also important factors on either being very selective or finding alternatives, even when not allergic or intolerant.
  • My top dairy-free recipes to get you started, think dairy-free fudge, dairy free chocolate cake, dairy-free custard, dairy-free ice cream and dairy-free yoghurt... All your favourites are included!
  • A list of go-to resources and podcasts to keep you motivated
  • Tips to get your kids off dairy without too much resistance. 
  • Tips for addressing family members who are questioning your decisions/needs. 
  • BONUS Top 10 dairy-free lunchbox ideas