$49 per year - yes, that's less than a coffee a month!

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Low Tox Club Membership

Your perks are many as a low tox club member. Here's the recap: 

  • Likeminded community, there as a sounding board and support in your low tox life with Alexx answering questions and giving low tox advice every week. (priceless!)
  • Practitioner and expert topic threads to ask the experts when it comes to needing professional guidance, whether it's a naturopath, building biologist or pet nutritionist (a couple of questions a year and you can potentially avoid needing to make expensive appointments! Save $300)
  • 50% off all Low Tox Courses, all year round. (up to $490 saved)
  • 20% of The Low Tox Method for business owners in the low tox space.  ($580 savings)
  • Member masterclasses that we poll to see what you want to be able to ask experts the most across health, food, body, home, mind and planet-care topics. (Priceless - access to the experts with your questions to learn and grow. Buying a ticket for an event like these classes, once a month, is worth $600-$1000)
  • A book club you can dip in and out of to connect with members and deep dive on specific topics. 
  • An archive library of ebooks, masterclasses and interviews across all low tox topics since we began in 2019. ($1000s of dollars worth of time and research, and expertise, done for you!)  

Why so inexpensive? I value community access vs elite VIP vibes. Look forward to seeing you in the club, Alexx. 


p.s This is not a course for you to feel like you're 'not keeping up' or 'falling behind' - use what you want from the resources. Your club, your way. Dip in and out. Come to just one of the classes a year that applies to your situation or priorities, and ask one or two questions over the year that means you save hours searching online... job done. The value gained, and some. 

p.p.s You can let us know any time if you want to cancel your membership. email team@lowtoxlife or simply cancel through your payment provider.